Investment Property Change

When you own an investment property, the desire to make a change can strike at any time. Whether you want more cash flow, higher growth potential, lower risk, or simply to lock in today’s value, the decision can be complicated—and the unknowns can prevent you from pursuing what you want.

Stay on top of market conditions, the impact of taxes on your investable assets, and your expected reinvestment rate on excess cash flow. When you're ready to make a change, knowing this information can help you make better analytical assumptions, and therefore, higher-quality decisions.


Changes are a normal part of real estate investing, but they can always bring headaches:

  • Existing problem-tenants or vacancies

  • Fear of a failed 1031 exchange

  • Stress and uncertainty around future cash flow

  • High taxes and fees

  • Insufficient time to think and prepare

  • Heightened concerns of a market downturn or unfavorable change in tax law

Savvy strategies to consider

If you own an investment property with equity, you have options that can maximize your returns—and minimize your effort. Our Offer Types make choosing between options easy, so you get a head-start on a customized offer that delivers everything you want.

Easy Sale. The fastest, simplest path to cash. Ideal if you want to eliminate the responsibilities and hassles of property ownership.

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Installment Sale. Get better pricing, upfront cash, and a steady income while deferring taxes. A good option if you want cash but want to skip the tax bill, or if you don’t have a plan for sale proceeds.

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Ground or Master Lease. Get cash, retain ownership, and earn passive income. A smart choice if you want passive income with zero headaches, or if you’re not ready to deal with sale proceeds. 

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Partnership. Maintain ownership and customize your level of involvement while boosting your property’s value. A good choice if you want to improve the property and participate in the upside, without the hassles or headaches of a big project.

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Custom Plans for Co-Owners. We handle the communication, coordination, and paperwork so everyone gets what they want. Ideal if co-owners have trouble working together or different goals.

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When weighing your options, consider the condition and occupancy of your current investment property, how much cash you want, potential tax consequences, and the kind of flexibility you might want in the future if your circumstances change.
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