Inherited Property

When a loved one passes away, the task of figuring out what to do with an inherited property can seem overwhelming. Beneficiaries typically choose one of three options—live in the property, rent it, or sell it—but the decision may not be easy during times of emotional stress.

Whether you know your next move with the property or want more options, we can help.

When you inherit a property, you might also inherit a mortgage and property-related tax liabilities. Be sure to work with a team of trusted advisors who can help you understand your legal and financial options and ensure you receive the most favorable tax treatment for your situation.


Inherited property can bring a lot of unexpected emotions and responsibilities:

  • Grieving the loss of a relative while worrying about financial responsibilities

  • Facing a co-inheritance with family members who disagree

  • Overwhelmed by property repairs and decisions

  • Fear about being forced into property-ownership

  • Insufficient time to think and prepare

  • Heightened concerns of a market downturn or unfavorable change in tax law

Savvy strategies to consider

If you inherit a property, you have options, whether you want to sell it for a windfall or boost its value. Our Offer Types make choosing between options easy, so you get a head-start on a customized offer that delivers everything you want.

Easy Sale. The fastest, simplest path to cash. Ideal if you want to eliminate the responsibilities and hassles of property ownership.

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Installment Sale. Get better pricing, upfront cash, and a steady income while deferring taxes. A good option if you need cash now but want to skip the tax bill, or if you don’t have a plan for sale proceeds.

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Ground or Master Lease. Get cash, retain ownership, and earn passive income. A smart choice if you want passive income with zero headaches, or if you’re not ready to deal with sale proceeds.

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Partnership. Maintain ownership and customize your level of involvement while boosting your property’s value. A good choice if you want to improve the property and participate in the upside, without the hassles or headaches of a big project.

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When weighing your options, consider the mortgage and tax implications of the inheritance, your desired level of involvement with the property’s upside potential, tax consequences, and the kind of flexibility you might want in the future if your circumstances change.
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