We make swapping properties easy. We buy your new property for you, and we buy your current property from you. Then, we apply the sale proceeds to your new property and transfer the new property into your name. Voilà!

The easiest way to buy and sell simultaneously

  • Better terms

    Leverage the power of a professional buyer for a sale that’s fast and certain.

  • Seamless experience

    Two transactions at once, with no risk of a buyer backing out.

  • Convenience

    No listings, property tours, contingencies, or double mortgages.

What's Possible?

Your goals and circumstances are unique, and so are our offers. Here are some examples of what’s possible with a Trade-In:

Get all the benefits of our Easy Sale, and skip the headaches of a double transaction.

Secure your dream property in a competitive market using our speed, expertise, and cash—and enjoy a stress-free path to selling your property.

Lower the 1031 exchange risk: Tell us the replacement property, pricing, and terms you want, and we’ll get to work. When we secure the property, you can sell and complete your exchange with near-zero risk.

Great for

  • Life changes

    Sell quickly to jump on a new job or investment opportunity.

  • Upgrading/downsizing

    The easiest way to trade in your current property.

  • Income-producing property

    Powerful way to decrease 1031 exchange risk.


  • Which property you want us to buy

  • Preferred move dates

  • Your cash needs

  • Any special requests

Get your Trade-In offer with a few clicks

Achieve money goals • Make smart tax moves • Design your future • Solve problems + puzzles • Your timeline

Why Flexible is better

  • Professional buyer that offers fast, certain close
  • Closing certainty and a competitive price
  • Easy to buy and sell at the same time
  • Close when you want
Typical Sale
  • On your own, no favorable terms
  • Risk of delays and buyer financing problems
  • Inconvenient showings and other hassles
  • Double mortgages and double moves

Trade-In FAQ

  • Flexible does not charge any fees. Our earnings come from executing our plan with the property you sell to us. Visit our pricing page to learn more about how we determine our offer price for your existing property.

  • When we close the sale and purchase, you will either get cash or contribute additional funds using cash or a new loan. We'll help you plan ahead so the Trade-In fits your goals.

  • Let us know and we can discuss options. We may be able to help you qualify for a loan or structure other forms of financing.

  • After we make any improvements to your old property, we collect rental income or sell, which can occur at any point after signing an agreement with you. We only consider options that align with giving owners what they want, and we never charge any fees.

Every situation is unique. So is your offer.

We'll customize your offer until everything looks good. If you want it, we want to hear about it.

Popular Add-Ons
  • Fast close
  • Specific closing date
  • Fast non-refundable deposit
  • Loan assumption/assignment

I don’t think we could have gotten better pricing with anyone else. Flexible exceeded my expectations.

Javier saved time and money with an all-cash offer.

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Achieve money goals • Make smart tax moves • Design your future • Solve problems + puzzles • Your timeline