You bring the property, and we bring the money, plans, engineers, construction crews, project managers, and designers to increase its value.

Let the pros boost your property’s value or cash flow

  • Leverage Flexible’s network

    Decades of experience means better outcomes.

  • Increased value

    Renovate, redevelop, and improve cash flow.

  • Maximize returns

    Participate in upside potential with little additional effort.

I knew our property had potential, but had no idea where to start. Flexible knew just what to do.

David’s property value doubled in two years.

Great for

  • Teaming up with an expert

    We bring the cash and help boost your property’s value.

  • Customized participation

    We share risk and handle the legwork you want to avoid.

  • Maintained ownership

    Keep your property once improvements are complete.

Why Flexible is better

  • Customizable participation based on your preferences
  • Funding capacity to make the project a success
  • Seamless, consistent communication
  • Open to changes midway through a project
Other Partners
  • Rigid partnership structures and sneaky fine print
  • Risk of misalignment or absence when things get tough
  • Complex communication overhead
  • Difficult to pivot or make changes

Get your Partnership offer with a few clicks

Residential • Commercial • Any Condition

Every situation is unique. So is your offer.

We'll customize your offer until everything looks good. If you want it, we want to hear about it.

Popular Add-Ons
  • Custom monthly income
  • Specific amount of cash due at closing
  • Individual plans for partnerships/family
  • Retain control of decisions

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