Installment Sale

Skip the risks of a 1031-Exchange and do what the banks do: loan money, earn interest, and secure a consistent, passive income.

Get cash, defer taxes and get a steady monthly income

  • Consistent passive income

    Get a cash down payment and steady income.

  • Tax perks

    Option to defer capital gains and depreciation recapture taxes.

  • Low risk

    In case of default, keep the property and any money you’ve received.

I got exactly what I wanted: cash at closing and the monthly income I need—without worrying about a big tax bill or trying to figure out what to do with the money.

Mike wasn’t ready to pay capital gains taxes.

Why Flexible is better

  • Upfront cash plus steady income
  • Defer taxes
  • Sell “as is” without making repairs
  • Skip the 1031 exchange risk
Typical Sale
  • No passive income after sale
  • Taxes due right away
  • Spend time and money on repairs
  • Risk of not finding a replacement property triggering a big tax hit

Related Goals

Explore other ways to get what you want.

Great for

  • Favorable pricing

    Can result in above-market pricing.

  • Upfront cash

    Get cash today and passive income for years.

  • Tax benefits

    Option to spread out capital gains over many years.

Get your Installment Sale offer with a few clicks

Residential • Commercial • Any Condition

Every situation is unique. So is your offer.

We'll customize your offer until everything looks good. If you want it, we want to hear about it.

Popular Add-Ons
  • Fast close
  • Custom monthly income
  • Specific amount of cash due at closing
  • Specific duration
  • Loan assumption/assignment
  • Option to lease back

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