Custom Plans for Co-Owners

Owning a property with others can get tricky. Flexible gets co-owners aligned on one transaction where everyone gets what they want.

Unique solutions for unique situations

  • Individualized

    We never take a one-size-fits-all approach.

  • Open communication

    We listen to each co-owner and share information.

  • Outside-the-box thinking

    Unconventional solutions for complex situations.

We couldn’t agree on a strategy, so the property just sat there. Flexible saved us and found a great solution.

Jackie and her siblings had different goals.

Why Flexible is Better

  • A plan that makes everyone happy
  • Neutral 3rd party to ease the tension
  • Customized options for each co-owner
  • Less stress and work for each co-owner
Traditional Transactions
  • Hard to find creative solutions
  • Difficult dynamics can hamper outcome
  • A challenge to juggle different options
  • Some co-owners end up doing more work

Great for

  • Boosting value

    Maximize upside potential whether you sell or stay.

  • Uncooperative co-owners

    We help ease the tension and smooth the way.

  • Co-owners with different goals

    Custom plans for each co-owner.

Get your Custom Plans for Co-Owners offer with a few clicks

Residential • Commercial • Any Condition

Every situation is unique. So is your offer.

We'll customize your offer until everything looks good. If you want it, we want to hear about it.

Popular Add-Ons
  • Fast close
  • Custom monthly income
  • Passive participation potential in future cash flow
  • 1031 exchange-friendly transaction structure

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