Custom Plans for Co-Owners

Owning a property with others can get tricky. Flexible gets co-owners aligned on one transaction where everyone gets what they want.

Unique solutions for unique situations

  • Individualized

    We never take a one-size-fits-all approach.

  • Open communication

    We listen to each co-owner and share information.

  • Outside-the-box thinking

    Unconventional solutions for complex situations.

What's Possible?

Your goals and circumstances are unique, and so are our offers. Here are some examples of what’s possible with Custom Plans for Co-Owners:

Skip the arguing, seize opportunities, and achieve a transaction where everyone gets what they want.

Stay an owner: We buy out your co-owners’ interests so you can take advantage of an opportunity that has been blocked by unwilling co-owners.

Get out: We buy your interest so you can remove yourself without having to get everyone else on board.

Great for

  • Boosting value

    Maximize upside potential whether you sell or stay.

  • Uncooperative co-owners

    We help ease the tension and smooth the way.

  • Co-owners with different goals

    Custom plans for each co-owner.


  • Your situation and goals

  • How your goals differ from your co-owners

  • Recommendations for working with your co-owners 

  • Any special requests

Get your Custom Plans for Co-Owners offer with a few clicks

Achieve money goals • Make smart tax moves • Design your future • Solve problems + puzzles • Your timeline

Why Flexible is Better

  • A plan that makes everyone happy
  • Neutral 3rd party to ease the tension
  • Customized options for each co-owner
  • Less stress and work for each co-owner
Traditional Transactions
  • Hard to find creative solutions
  • Difficult dynamics can hamper outcome
  • A challenge to juggle different options
  • Some co-owners end up doing more work

Custom Plans for Co-Owners FAQ

  • We can buy the interests of willing sellers and collaborate with the remaining partners.

  • We can ease the tension by working with each co-owner individually.

  • We recommend consulting an attorney who can explain your rights and help you (and your co-owners) avoid risks.

  • We typically renovate or redevelop—working with co-owners who remain invested in the property—and either hold it as a rental or sell at a profit. We only consider options that align with giving owners what they want, and we never charge any fees.

Every situation is unique. So is your offer.

We'll customize your offer until everything looks good. If you want it, we want to hear about it.

Popular Add-Ons
  • Fast close
  • Custom monthly income
  • Passive participation potential in future cash flow
  • 1031 exchange-friendly transaction structure

We couldn’t agree on a strategy, so the property just sat there. Flexible saved us and found a great solution.

Jackie and her siblings had different goals.

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Achieve money goals • Make smart tax moves • Design your future • Solve problems + puzzles • Your timeline