Build Your Own

Not sure if your best strategy is to sell, partner, or lease? Tell us about your goals and we'll build a custom offer that makes it easy to get whatever you want.

A 100% tailor-made offer designed just for you

  • Personalized

    Everything you want, nothing you don't.

  • New ideas

    Creative options, smart solutions.

  • Better outcomes

    Improved terms, on your timeline.

We wanted to close quickly, stay in our home and earn a monthly income Flexible made all of that happen.

Dennis and Chloe had Flexible do what others wouldn’t.

Great for

  • Any situation or goal

    Get exactly what you want.

  • Exploring all options

    We propose the best options and you pick your favorite.

  • Uncertain timelines

    Move as fast or slow as you want.

Why Flexible is better

  • 100% flexibility
  • Everything you like, nothing you don't
  • Closing certainty with attractive terms
  • Less effort, stress, and headaches
Traditional Transactions
  • Few options and low customization
  • Compromises
  • Risk of delays and the other party backing out
  • More work, hassles, and decisions

Get your Build Your Own offer with a few clicks

Achieve money goals • Make smart tax moves • Design your future • Solve problems + puzzles • Your timeline

Every situation is unique. So is your offer.

We'll customize your offer until everything looks good. If you want it, we want to hear about it.

Popular Add-Ons
  • Fast close
  • Specific closing date
  • Fast non-refundable deposit
  • Loan assumption/assignment
  • 1031 exchange-friendly transaction structure
  • Options to defer taxes

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Ready to see what’s actually possible?

We're making more custom offers than ever — it’s your turn. Request a free custom offer. It’s fast, easy, and commitment-free.

Achieve money goals • Make smart tax moves • Design your future • Solve problems + puzzles • Your timeline