Want to Sell, but Don’t Know What To Do With the Money

About this goal

This is the most common issue we hear about. Nobody wants to pay taxes just to have their cash sit in a bank account earning little-to-no interest. At the same time, a 1031 exchange can seem risky and overwhelming. We have some good alternatives.

Key Considerations

  • Why do you want to sell? Is it for lifestyle reasons, to get some cash, or something else?
  • Do you want a specific amount of upfront cash or monthly cash flow?
  • Would selling trigger a big tax bill?
  • Does your property have upside potential?
  • Would you take on some risk to increase your net worth and income, or would you prefer a simple, passive structure with lower returns and less risk?
Avoiding a big tax hit is half the battle. Get that part right, and you’re off to a great start.

Unlock the benefits of a sale—and eliminate the tax and idle cash problems

Boost your monthly cash flow—with fewer ownership hassles.

  • Our Installment Sale is a sale, but instead of receiving all of the cash at closing, you can increase monthly cash flow—and defer taxes—by taking payments over time.

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  • Our long-term Ground/Master Lease allows you to eliminate almost all landlord responsibilities, expenses, and liability. No sale = no taxes. Choose your lease duration, earn monthly income, and enjoy zero vacancy and turnover costs.

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  • If your property has upside potential—and you want to increase its value through physical or operational improvements—we can form a Partnership. You can sit back, weigh in when you feel like it, and potentially benefit from better returns going forward.

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