Reduce Ownership Hassles and Liability

About this goal

You have some fantastic options to reduce the hassles, liability, and market risk that come with ownership.

Key Considerations

  • Are you certain you want to continue owning the property?
  • Do you want to eliminate the ownership hassles, liability, and market risk that come with ownership or reduce them to a tolerable level?
  • Would you consider giving someone else decision-making control over the improvement of your property to achieve your financial goals?
Our Installment Sale and Ground Lease don’t just reduce hassles and liability, they eliminate them altogether. And, they can be a smart tax move if your property has appreciated.

Options to reduce ownership hassles, expenses, and liability

  • Our Installment Sale is a sale, but instead of receiving all of the cash at closing, you can earn more and defer taxes by taking payments over time—without the hassles and expenses of ownership.

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  • Our Ground/Master Lease removes almost all of the hassles, expenses, and liability of owning rental property while you continue to receive the benefits of ownership. Choose your lease duration, earn monthly income, and enjoy zero vacancy and turnover costs.

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  • If your property has upside potential—and you want to increase its value through physical or operational improvements—we can form a Partnership.

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