Move on your timeline and skip the hassles of traditional buying and selling. Flexible buys your new property for you and buys your current property from you. We transfer the new property into your name—and you get a risk-free and hassle-free trade.

Move on your timeline and skip the hassles and uncertainty of traditional buying and selling. Flexible buys your new property for you and buys your current property from you. We apply the sale proceeds from your existing property and transfer the new property into your name—and you get a risk-free and hassle-free trade. If you're a real estate investor, we've got you covered, too.

Flexible empowers property owners to unlock better outcomes than they thought were possible. One way we do that is by letting owners choose their Offer Type. This article covers the Trade-In Offer Type, perfect for property owners who want a fast and easy way to buy a new property using proceeds from the sale of an existing property. 

Not sure if a Trade-In is right for you or your client? Use our Offer Type Finder to see other options.

What Is a Trade-In?

Flexible's Trade-In Offer Type is an innovative way to simultaneously buy a new property and sell an existing one. Find your next property and we’ll buy it with attractive terms that help you get a better price. You get 100% of the benefit of whatever price we can negotiate. You’re free to move in right away and relax—or start to generate cash flow, if you're a real estate investor. 

Next, we buy your old property from you at an agreed-upon price, and then transfer ownership of the new property into your name. If you need a loan, no problem. You’ll have all the time you need, and there’s never any pressure to rush. 

Skip the hassles of navigating a back-to-back sale and purchase—and the risk that one of the transactions will fall apart. With Flexible, you get ease, certainly, attractive terms, and fair pricing.

How It Works

Flexible's Trade-In program takes the stress and uncertainty out of buying and selling. Enjoy a hassle-free transaction with no contingency offers, no double mortgages, and a timeline that you choose. Here's how it works:

  1. Submit your home on our website for a free estimate of your Trade-In price—the amount we’ll pay for your existing property (subject to an inspection to confirm details about the property’s condition). 

  2. Work with one of our Offer Guides to get the Trade-In process started. We schedule a free property inspection and finalize our offer. If everything looks good to you, we enter into an agreement to buy your existing property. Of course, the agreement gives you the freedom to cancel at no cost if we’re unable to secure your new property at the price and terms you want. 

  3. Identify your next property and determine your max price and terms (if you need help with this step, one of our Offer Guides can make recommendations or connect you to an active local agent). Based on your guidance, Flexible submits an offer to buy it on your behalf, with favorable terms and often in all-cash.

  4. Move in and make yourself at home, or start generating cash flow. If you want a partner that can fund and manage renovations, let us know and we can discuss options.

  5. We buy your old property and apply some or all of your proceeds to the purchase of your new property. If there’s cash left over, it goes to you. If you need a loan to complete the purchase, no problem. In some cases, Flexible can seller finance the property, so you can reduce your upfront out-of-pocket costs and pay it off over time—on a schedule that works for you. 

There's no "standard" Trade-In transaction. We can adapt the agreement to suit your needs and preferences. Just let your Offer Guide know what you’re looking for.


With Flexible's Trade-In program, you can buy before you sell and take advantage of these benefits:

  • Leverage the power of a professional buyer. We buy your next property with favorable terms and, in many cases, in all-cash. You don't have to make any contingent offers, and you don't have to rush to sell (and move out of) your existing property. If you need to move quickly, please request our Quick Sale Add-On and we’ll close in as few as five days.

  • No double mortgages or double moves. We buy your new property, and you don’t start paying a mortgage (if you need one) until we buy your old property and finalize the Trade-In. Move once with no short-term rentals or storage costs.

  • Certainty. We buy your old property at an agreed-upon price. You know ahead of time what your expected sale proceeds will be and how much cash you’ll need for your new property.

  • Accommodating. Choose a timeline that works for you, without having to rush the closing process or the move.

Terms to Discuss with Flexible

Flexible's Trade-In program is designed to give you options. When you're ready, contact one of our Offer Guides to discuss:

  • Any questions you have about the Trade-In process

  • Any questions you have about your property’s valuation and our cash offer price

  • Your timeline and preferred closing date

  • Any special requests you may have


Who should consider a Trade-In?

Flexible's Trade-In program is ideal for property owners who want to buy before they sell, and who want to avoid the hassles of traditional sales. Whether you need to relocate quickly for a new job, get into a larger home for a growing family, or jump on a new investment, we’ve got you covered. 

How quickly can Flexible close?

Because Flexible makes all-cash offers, we typically close in less than two weeks. If you need to close sooner, please request a Quick Sale Add-On.

Do I have to pay rent for my new property before the Trade-In is complete?

No, Flexible doesn't charge any rent, and you won't make any mortgage payments on the new property until we transfer it into your name. You continue to pay all the costs of your existing property until it is sold, and none of the costs of the new property until it’s in your name. You won’t own two properties at once. We provide estimates of any costs at the beginning of the Trade-In process so there aren’t any surprises.

What closing costs will I pay?

When we buy your old property, you pay the same closing costs you would for a traditional sale in your local real estate market. 

This article is intended for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial, legal, tax, insurance, or investment advice. Flexible encourages you to contact an Offer Guide to discuss your unique situation and consult qualified third-party financial, legal, tax, insurance, or investment professionals prior to making any related decisions. 

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