Cash in on your property’s value and keep your lifestyle. Sell to Flexible, get the money you need—and rent and stay in the property for as long as you want.

Cash in on your property’s value and keep your lifestyle. Sell to Flexible, get the money you need—and rent and stay in the property for as long as you want.

Flexible empowers property owners to unlock better outcomes than they thought were possible. One way we do that is by letting owners choose their Offer Type. This article covers the Sale-Leaseback Offer Type, a terrific opportunity if you want to cash in on your property's value without having to move.

Not sure if a Sale-Leaseback is right for you or your client? Use our Offer Type Finder to see other options.

What Is a Sale-Leaseback?

Flexible's Sale-Leaseback Offer Type is like traditional sale-leaseback agreements that have been used in the commercial real estate market for decades. What sets our program apart is that it's available to homeowners—not just real estate investors.

We buy your property and cover all the ownership expenses, including utilities, taxes, insurance, repairs, and maintenance. Meanwhile, you lock in today's property value, pay rent, and continue to use the property for as long as you want—whether that's one month or 30+ years.

How It Works

The Sale-Leaseback program combines two back-to-back transactions: a sale and a lease.

  1. The sale. Flexible buys your property at fair market value. Independent third-party appraisers help us determine what's fair in your area, so you can be confident you're getting a good price.

    The closing process is just like any other real estate sale, from the offer and appraisal report to the property inspection and title search. If there’s a chance you may want to keep the property, you can request a buy option that gives you the right (but not the obligation) to buy back your property during the lease term. 

    Need to close fast? Request our Quick Sale Add-On and go from offer to closing in as few as five days.  

  2. The lease. Immediately after the sale, you lease the property from us. Leases can be short-term (six months or less), long-term (30+ years), or event-dependent, where you stay until a certain event takes place.

You pay market rent each month, and we'll take care of the utilities, taxes, insurance, repairs, and maintenance. We use third-party data to determine the market rent, based on the rental prices of similar properties in your area. If you rent for longer than 12 months, the rent may increase or decrease based on local market conditions.

 There's no "standard" Sale-Leaseback agreement. We can adapt the deposit amount, monthly payments, and lease terms to meet your goals and preferences. Tell us what you need. We're Flexible.   


Flexible's Sale-Leaseback program allows you to take advantage of these benefits:

  • You cash in on your property's value. We pay fair market value for your property while you lock in today's prices. Use the money to pay off debt, finance important life events, make an investment, start a business—or something else.

  • You don't have to move. There's no need to disrupt your lifestyle. You can stay as long as you want, even if that's 30+ years.

  • Simplicity. You pay just one bill each month: the rent. Flexible takes care of the utilities, insurance, taxes, repairs, and maintenance.

  • Options. You have the chance to extend your lease at regular intervals throughout the lease term. You also have the option to buy back your property if you decide not to move. There are no fees or penalties if you end the lease early to repurchase the property.

  • Complete customization. As with any Flexible offer, tell us what you want, and we'll incorporate it into your offer.

Terms to Discuss with Flexible

Flexible's Sale-Leaseback program is designed to give you options. When you're ready, contact one of our Offer Guides to discuss:

  • Any questions you have about the Sale-Leaseback process

  • Your cash needs

  • Your timeline and preferred closing date

  • Your preferences for deposits, monthly rent payments, and the lease term

  • Your interest in a buy option that gives you the right (but not the obligation) to buy back the property during the lease term

  • Any special requests you may have


Who should consider the Sale-Leaseback program?

The Sale-Leaseback program is ideal for property owners who want to unlock cash that would otherwise be tied up in the property, without having to move.

How quickly can Flexible close?

We typically close in less than two weeks. If you need cash sooner, please request a Quick Sale Add-On.

What if I have an outstanding loan on the property?

Flexible can either assume the loan or it will be paid off using the sale proceeds.

Can I sublease the property during my lease term?

Yes, you have the option to sublease the property at any point throughout the lease term.

Do I need to buy renters insurance?

While Flexible maintains property insurance, we recommend that you buy renters insurance to protect yourself from losses that Flexible's insurance wouldn't cover.

This article is intended for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial, legal, tax, insurance, or investment advice. Flexible encourages you to contact an Offer Guide to discuss your unique situation and consult qualified third-party financial, legal, tax, insurance, or investment professionals prior to making any related decisions. 

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