Flexible’s Guide to Unlocking Your Perfect Real Estate Transaction

Real estate can be complex and messy. Flexible makes it easy to learn about your options and get the outcome you want.

We believe every situation is unique and that an offer should never be one-size-fits-all. We work hard to get you the terms you want, whether you’d like to buy, sell, lease, invest, or partner with an industry expert. 

Finding out if we’re a good fit is only a few clicks away—just request an offer and we’ll customize an offer you can get excited about.

  • Already know what you want? Check out our Offer Types to find the perfect fit. We have nearly a dozen to choose from and each can be personalized for a perfect fit. You can customize an Offer Type even further with one of our Add-Ons.

  • Not sure which Offer Type is for you, but have a goal in mind? Head over to our Goals & Outcomes page where you can search by goal to view compatible Offer Types.

  • If you know you're ready for a change but don't know where to begin, contact us to get the conversation started. We'll recommend the most appropriate solutions for your situation, even if it's something tricky like an inherited property, divorce, vacant land, or you want real estate income without the work.

How Flexible Works

Flexible makes it easy to get what you want out of your property—without the hassles, headaches, and uncertainty of traditional transactions. That’s because we custom-build every transaction, down to the smallest details, to make sure you’re happy with your outcome. 

We think the terms of an agreement are as important as the price. And with the right terms, you can lower your risk, earn more, save on taxes, design your future lifestyle, and breathe a sigh of relief. 

Here's how it works:

  1. Use our Offer Type Finder. Answer a few questions and see our recommendations.

  2. Request a free offer. Tell us a bit about your goals so we can make them happen.

  3. Get a customized offer within 24 hours. Have your dedicated Offer Guide make any changes so everything looks good.

  4. Sit back, relax, and close. We handle the paperwork, complete our inspections, and make the entire transaction hassle-free. Close on your timeline, in as few as five days.

Why Flexible?

Flexible is changing the way real estate works by giving owners more options. We're not afraid to work hard, and we never shy away from a good challenge. Whether you're a buyer, seller, landlord, investor, or developer, you can rely on our team of real estate experts to help you get the outcome you want.

We know that a solution can only be as strong as the culture behind it. Here are the values we embrace in everything we do:

  • Be nimble and flexible (of course!)

  • Communicate openly and honestly

  • Serve our customers and coworkers with integrity

  • Build confidence through innovation and value

  • Celebrate our successes and learn from our failures

  • Be bold, creative, and open-minded

  • Be extraordinary and deliver WOW in all we do

We're headquartered in San Francisco and operate in most U.S. cities. No matter your property goals, Flexible is here to help.

Flexible Offer Types

Flexible offers 11 Offer Types to help you get the outcome you want. Remember, we can customize any Offer Type based on your unique goals and circumstances. Click on any Offer Type to learn more, or contact us to learn how we can help.

Easy Sale: A traditional real estate sale—made easy.

Good for these Goals & Outcomes:
  • Easy transaction

  • Fast transaction

  • Get cash fast

  • Reduce the hassles of ownership

Sell to Flexible and get 100% of your cash at closing, plus a stress-free sale that's fast, simple, and certain.

  • Fast. Close in as few as five days.  

  • Convenient. Skip the property prep, listings, showings, and tours. 

  • Fair. We back all our offers with current market data and local real estate expertise.

  • Secure. Closing certainty, competitive price, and no risk of buyer financing problems.

  • On your timeline. Say goodbye to double mortgages, double moves, and storage units.

An Easy Sale with Flexible is just like a traditional real estate transaction, with one key difference: Flexible does most of the work for you. We buy your property as-is at a competitive price, on your timeline, so you can skip the listing, property prep, and tours—and the months of uncertainty.

Trade-In: The easiest way to buy and sell at the same time. 

Good for these Goals & Outcomes:
  • Easy Transaction

  • Special situations

Buy a new property and sell your existing one at the same time—and skip the hassles of navigating back-to-back transactions. 

  • Better terms. Leverage the power of a professional buyer for a fast and certain sale.

  • Seamless experience. Two transactions at once, with no risk of a buyer backing out.

  • Convenience. No listings, property tours, contingencies, or double mortgages.

  • On your timeline. Say goodbye to double mortgages, double moves, and storage units. 

  • Income-producing property. Powerful way to mitigate 1031 exchange risk. 

With a Trade-In, you can find your next property and we’ll buy it with attractive terms that help you get a better price. Move in right away, or start to generate cash flow, if you're an investor. Next, we buy your old property from you at an agreed-upon price, and then transfer ownership of the new property into your name. If you need a loan, no problem. You’ll have all the time you need, and there’s never any pressure to rush. 

Offer Match + Bonus: We’ll see your offer and raise it with a bonus.

Good for these Goals & Outcomes:
  • Maximize property value

Have an offer but think you can do better? Contact us and we’ll send a competitive cash offer in 24 hours or less.   

  • A safe bet. 100% free, no-obligation offer in 24 hours or less. 

  • Better terms. Leverage the power of a professional buyer with a fast and certain sale. 

  • Better outcomes. Potential to improve pricing.  

  • Pick your closing date. No delays for buyer financing. 

  • Any situation or goal. Get exactly what you want. 

Flexible’s Offer Match + Bonus takes your existing offer and makes it better—whether you want more cash, a faster close, or something else. Get a free offer in 24 hours or less, with no strings attached and no obligation to proceed.

Installment Sale: Get cash and a steady monthly income.

Good for these Goals & Outcomes:
  • Easy transaction

  • Fast transaction

  • Get cash fast

  • Reduce the hassles of ownership

  • Tax savings/deferral

Take advantage of your hard-earned equity and do what the banks do: loan money, earn interest, and score a consistent, passive income.

  • Consistent cash flow. Upfront down payment and passive income for years.

  • Tax benefits. Defer taxes on capital gains and avoid the large tax hit.

  • Convenient. Sell “as is” without making any repairs.

  • Competitive. Our offer takes your property’s upside potential into consideration.

  • Low risk. In case of default, keep the property and any money you’ve received.

An Installment Sale makes sense when you want to limit the everyday hassles of property ownership and get a monthly check. And because an installment sale tends to be faster than a traditional sale—and more negotiable—it’s ideal if you want to sell quickly or if you have unique circumstances.

Cash for Equity: Like a loan, but better. 

Good for these Goals & Outcomes:
  • Get cash fast

Get cash to renovate, pay for school, start a business, or pay down debt. Take up to 30 years to buy back your equity—with no debt, monthly payments, or interest.

  • Get the cash you need today. Borrow against your property’s equity. 

  • No monthly payments or interest. Buy back your equity anytime within 30 years. 

  • No prepayment penalties. Sell, refinance, or buy back when you’re ready. 

  • Unlock your potential. Untap your wealth and put it to work.

  • Easier to qualify. We consider your entire financial picture, not just the numbers. 

Cash for Equity gives you cash today in exchange for a share of your property’s future value. Use the money for anything, whether you want to pay down debt, invest in your business, live comfortably in retirement, or something else. Unlike a traditional loan—where you could end up owing more than the property is worth—you buy back a set percentage of your property’s value, even if it drops.

Sale-Leaseback: The easy way to sell and stay. 

Good for these Goals & Outcomes:
  • Fast transaction

  • Get cash fast

  • Special situations

Cash in on your property’s value and keep your lifestyle. Sell to Flexible, get the cash you need—then rent back as long as you want to use the property.

  • Sell fast at a competitive price. Skip the delays and buyer financing problems.

  • Fund your lifestyle. Renovate, start a business, pay for school, or pay down debt. 

  • Convenient. Unlock cash and continue to use your property without disruption. 

  • Simple. You pay the rent—we cover the utilities, insurance, taxes, and repairs. 

  • Keep your routine. Use the property as long as you want, even if that’s 30+ years.

Flexible’s Sale-Leaseback is like traditional agreements that have been used in the commercial real estate market for decades—except our program is available to homeowners and investors alike. We buy your property and cover all the ownership expenses. You lock in today's property value, pay rent, and continue to use the property for as long as you want—whether that's one month or 30+ years.

Partnership: Let the pros boost your property’s value or cash flow.

Good for these Goals & Outcomes:
  • Increase cash flow

  • Maximize property value

  • Reduce the hassles of ownership

You bring the property, and we bring the money, plans, construction crews, project managers, and designers to increase its value. 

  • Leverage Flexible’s expertise. Decades of experience means better outcomes. 

  • Increased value. Renovate, redevelop, and improve cash flow. 

  • Shared risk. Reach your goals with less money at risk. 

  • Capital needs. We bring the cash and share the risk. 

  • Active or passive partner. We handle the legwork that you don’t want to deal with. 

A Partnership lets us combine resources to work toward a common goal. By joining forces, we can reduce risk, distribute responsibilities, and improve outcomes. Partnerships are a great option if you want to maximize your property's value or cash flow—but you don't have the desire, expertise, time, or capital to do so on your own. 

Ground or Master Lease: Consistent cash flow without the hassles, expenses, and vacancy.

Good for these Goals & Outcomes:
  • Increase cash flow

  • Reduce the hassles of ownership

Lease your as-is property to Flexible for one to 99 years. We handle most of the operations and expenses, and you get a consistent monthly check.

  • Long-term passive income. Consistent returns for one to 99 years.

  • Improved cash flow. Enjoy better returns without added debt.  

  • Zero vacancies and zero repairs. We do all the work so you don’t have to. 

  • Continued ownership. Benefit through appreciation, depreciation, and equity.

  • Tax deferral. Spread out capital gains over many years. 

With a Ground or Master Lease, you are the landlord and Flexible is your tenant. There's no standard lease, so the deposit amount, monthly payments, and lease term can be customized to fit your goals and situation. You maintain title to the property, receive consistent monthly income, and are freed of most responsibilities related to owning the property.

Custom Plans for Co-Owners: Unique solutions for unique situations. 

Good for these Goals & Outcomes:
  • Easy transaction

  • Special situations

Owning a property with others can get tricky. Flexible gets co-owners aligned on one transaction where everyone gets what they want. 

  • Individualized. Customized options that make everyone happy.

  • Open communication. We listen to each co-owner and share information.

  • Outside-the-box thinking. Unconventional solutions for complex situations.

  • Less stress and work. We help ease the tension and smooth the way.   

  • Boost value. Maximize upside potential whether you sell or stay. 

With Custom Plans for Co-Owners, Flexible eliminates the months (or even years) of communication and frustration and gets co-owners aligned on one transaction—where every owner gets what they want. We don't shy away from complex situations and we're able to offer unconventional solutions—if that's what it takes to make everyone satisfied with the outcome.     

Builder Pre-Sale: Capture future value and reduce your risk. 

Good for these Goals & Outcomes:
  • Special situations

Real estate developers and value-add real estate investors can enjoy the benefits of selling a finished project, without the risks of waiting.

  • Guaranteed returns. Lock in a price and benefit from a risk-free return. 

  • Free up cash. With cash in hand, you can pursue and fund new projects.

  • Less risk. We buy today and eliminate most of your market and capital risk.    

  • Downside protection. We shoulder any losses from declining values. 

  • Incentives. We can offer bonuses to motivate early completion. 

A Builder Pre-Sale lets real estate developers and value-add real estate investors lock in a sale before a project is completed. Flexible buys your property today at a fair discount to the projected future value, and you can eliminate your market risk and unlock cash to fuel your business growth. 

All of our Offer Types can be customized to meet your specific goals, risk tolerance, and vision for your property. And no matter what Offer Type you choose, we can personalize your transaction even further with an Add-On—extra features that enhance our Offer Types. Ready to find your Offer Type? Use our Offer Type Finder and request your free offer today. 

Add-Ons: Fine-Tune Your Custom Offer

No matter what Flexible Offer Type you choose, you can customize your transaction even more with an Add-On. And don’t worry if you haven’t decided on an Offer Type yet. If you see an Add-On here that interests you, contact us and we’ll help you figure out a complementary Offer Type.

  • Highest Price—we can maximize our offer price, based on our plans for your property, whether we do a new development, renovate and lease, renovate and sell—or something else. This is a great option if price is a priority and you don’t need all the cash from a sale right away. 

  • Fast Close—an expedited real estate transaction that's a fast and convenient way to sell your property. You can go from offer to a closed transaction with cash in hand in under 15 days.

  • Custom Monthly Income—we can provide the exact monthly payments you want, down to the penny. In exchange, we may adjust other levers that may be less important to you, such as the down payment, duration of the agreement, or other terms. 

  • Specific Closing Date—you pick the date you want to close, and we’ll make it happen. This is ideal for people who are very busy, on a very tight schedule, and who want control over the timeline. 

  • Specific Amount of Cash at Closing—tell us how much cash you need at closing, and we’ll make sure you get it. This is a good option if you need cash for your next investment or if you have a specific debt to pay down. 

  • Specific Duration—we give you complete control over how long you want our agreement to last. We can do short term (6 months to 3 years), long-term (15+ years), or anything in between. 

  • Passive Participation—you get the best of both worlds: some cash now, and the benefits of future cash flow or future value without having to do any of the work. We can send you regular payments or a single check once the value-add project is complete. 

  • Retain Control of Decisions—if we partner with you, this ensures you have the final say, without needing our approval. We’re still there to do the legwork and make data-driven recommendations, but you stay in control.  

  • Early Non-Refundable Deposit—get a fast deposit in as few as five days and, in some cases, at the time we sign a Purchase and Sale agreement. If we don’t close, you maintain ownership and keep the deposit. 

  • Make it Simple—we handle everything that we are legally allowed to, so you can enjoy an uncomplicated transaction with the least amount of stress, hassles, and headaches possible. This is a great option if you don’t have the bandwidth to deal with a real estate transaction.

  • Loan Assumptions/Assignment—we can assume your loan so you can avoid costly prepayment penalties. This is also a good choice if you have an attractive loan in place and you want extra sale proceeds because of it. 

  • Individual Plans for Partnerships/Family—co-owners don’t always agree on the best way to sell or manage a property. We work with each co-owner individually and find a solution that works for everyone—even if it means thinking outside of the box.  

  • 1031 Exchange-Friendly Transaction Structure—1031s are useful, but it can be tricky to follow the rules. There are three ways we can help: delay closing for multiple 30-day periods while you find a replacement property, give you the option to cancel our sale contract if you don’t find a replacement property, and help with a “reverse 1031 exchange.” 

  • Short-Term Leaseback—when you’re ready to sell, but not quite ready to move out. Sell to Flexible and lease short-term until your new property is ready. 

  • Invest with Flexible—for accredited investors only; minimum investment applies. Potential to earn 5-10% per year, paid in monthly installments. Contact us to learn more. 

Whether you want to sell fast, increase cash flow, defer taxes, hang up your landlord hat—or anything else—we've got you covered. We’re conventional when you want it, creative when you need it, and ready when you are.

About Us

A quick note on what Flexible is...and what it isn’t. 

We're on a mission to empower owners to get creative and unlock better outcomes by transacting on their terms. We can be your buyer, partner, or tenant, depending on your goals. If you want it, we're eager to find a way to make it happen. And, we make the whole thing really easy.

What's in it for us—aside from the satisfaction of having happy owners? As long as we have a shot at earning a minimum return on the money we invest, we're good to go. We don't have any rigid goals, and we're comfortable taking risks. That's our business.

So, that's us in a nutshell. 

 The information we provide—about possible offer types, free resources, and everything else—isn't intended to steer you in a certain direction or answer all your questions. Instead, it serves as a starting point to help you ask better questions along the path to your ideal transaction. 

We hope to earn your trust, and we look forward to working with you. 

P.S. While we love nothing more than delighting owners with actionable info, Flexible is not a substitute for obtaining professional legal, tax, and/or financial advice. Your outcome could be impacted by laws and regulations—at the federal, state, and local levels. Any guidance you rely on should come directly from qualified professionals. 

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