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Sell to Flexible instead of listing your property on the market. You get 100% of your cash at closing and a stress-free sale that's fast, simple, and certain.

Sell to Flexible instead of listing your property on the market. You get 100% of your cash at closing and a stress-free sale that's fast, simple, and certain.

Flexible empowers property owners to unlock better outcomes than they thought were possible. One way we do that is by letting owners choose their Offer Type. This article covers the Easy Sale Offer Type, a great option for owners who want to sell without the hassle of listing on the market.

If you’re not sure whether an Easy Sale is right for you or your client, use our Offer Type Finder to see other options.

What Is an Easy Sale?

An Easy Sale with Flexible is just like a traditional real estate transaction, with one key difference: Flexible does most of the work for you. We buy your property as-is at a competitive price, on your timeline, so you can skip the listing—and the months of uncertainty.

How It Works

To start, you submit a free, no-obligation offer request to Flexible. Within 24 hours of receiving your offer request, we email you an all-cash offer, which includes our offer price, fees, and estimated closing costs. We'll also include an estimate of the net amount you can expect at closing. We back all our offers with current market data and local real estate expertise.

After you receive our offer, there are three simple steps:

  1. Review and sign your offer. Your dedicated Offer Guide schedules a call with you to review the Easy Sale process and answer any questions you may have. Once you're ready to accept the offer, you e-sign the purchase and sale agreement online, and we place a deposit in escrow.

  2. Schedule a free property assessment. Your Offer Guide coordinates with you to schedule a property assessment, which is similar to a home inspection. If everything looks good and there are no surprises, our deposit becomes non-refundable. If the property needs repairs, we factor reasonable costs into the offer, passing along any discounts we get from our vendor network.

  3. Choose a closing date. We do a final walkthrough and close on the date that works best for you. You get your money in as few as 24 hours.


An Easy Sale with Flexible benefits sellers because:

  • It's a fast and simple way to sell your property. Flexible does most of the work for you. You provide some basic information about your property, and we take care of the rest. Unlike a traditional sale, you don't have to worry about property prep, property tours, lengthy negotiations, or making repairs and upgrades. Think of it as the easy button for selling your property.

  • It gives you peace of mind. With Flexible, you have certainty of a close as soon as we finish a brief assessment period. There's no risk of having a buyer who backs out due to financing issues. This minimizes your stress and gives you the confidence to move forward with your other plans.

  • You get to choose your close date. Close when you want and skip the expensive double mortgages, double moves, and storage units. We can close in a few as five days. If you need more time, we provide a non-refundable deposit that shows our commitment to close.   

  • It's transparent. You'll know exactly what's happening at every step, from how we calculate your offer price to how much any needed repairs will cost.

  • It's flexible. Let us know your goals. We're always open to discussing different options and changes—even after we've signed the contract. We're happy when you're happy.

  • You can move on to your next investment faster. Close in as few as five days and get cash for your next big deal.

Terms to Discuss with Flexible

An Easy Sale with Flexible gives you more options than you would have with a traditional sale. When you're ready, contact one of Flexible's Offer Guides to discuss:

  • Any questions you have about your offer or the Easy Sale process

  • Your timeline

  • Your preferred closing date


How does Flexible make a competitive offer?

We base your offer on market data, which may include recent sales, market trends, and market rental rates. We compare your property to other recently sold properties and adjust for differences in size, condition, upgrades, and "upside potential"—what it could sell or rent for after renovations. That means you get value for the potential even if the work isn't done yet. Visit our pricing page for more details.  

What if my property needs repairs?

Our initial offer is based on the information you provide about the condition of your property. If the property assessment finds that any repairs are needed, we factor reasonable costs into the offer. We only charge what's necessary to make sure your property is safe and functional. If you don't agree with our repair estimate, we may cancel the contract with no penalties or hassles.

How do Flexible's costs compare to a traditional sale?

With Flexible, you can avoid many of the costs you'd have with a traditional property sale. For example, you won’t have to pay for property prep, seller concessions, certain repairs, and property overlap costs. In many cases, your net proceeds will be higher with Flexible than the traditional route.

This article is intended for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial, legal, tax, insurance, or investment advice. Flexible encourages you to contact an Offer Guide to discuss your unique situation and consult qualified third-party financial, legal, tax, insurance, or investment professionals prior to making any related decisions. 

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