Tips and Insights for Property Owners

  • Flexible’s Guide to Seeing What's Actually Possible and Getting What You Want

    We empower property owners to question convention, explore the best options, and secure their ideal outcome with a Flexible custom offer, without the hassle and cost of a typical transaction.

  • Sale-Leaseback

    Cash in on your property’s value and keep your lifestyle. Sell to Flexible, get the money you need—and rent and stay in the property for as long as you want.

  • Builder Pre-Sale

    The benefits of selling your finished project, without the risks of waiting. Flexible's Builder Pre-Sale lets real estate developers and value-add real estate investors lock in a sale before a project is completed.

  • Custom Plans for Co-Owners

    Owning a property with others can be tricky. When co-owners are ready to go their separate ways, Flexible can work with each person individually to structure the outcome they want.

  • Cash for Equity

    Your equity is untapped wealth. Unlock it with the Cash for Equity program from Flexible. Get cash to renovate, fund an education, start a business, or pay down debt. Take up to 30 years to buy back your equity—with no debt, monthly payments, or interest.

  • Trade-in

    Move on your timeline and skip the hassles of traditional buying and selling. Flexible buys your new property for you and buys your current property from you. We transfer the new property into your name—and you get a risk-free and hassle-free trade.

  • Installment Sale

    An installment sale lets you take advantage of your hard-earned equity by doing what the banks do: loan money, earn interest, and gain a consistent, passive income.

  • Partnership

    You bring the property, and we’ll bring the money, plans, engineers, construction crews, project managers, and designers—all to improve, sell, and share in the extra value of your property.

  • Ground or Master Lease

    Lease your as-is property to Flexible for one to 99 years. We assume nearly all of the management responsibility and cover most of the expenses, and you get a consistent monthly check.

  • Easy Sale

    Sell to Flexible instead of listing your property on the market. You get 100% of your cash at closing and a stress-free sale that's fast, simple, and certain.