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Get exactly what you want with a customized purchase, partnership or lease offer from Flexible.

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“Flexible is hands-down the fastest, easiest way for owners to see what’s possible and get what they want.”
- Michael Lester, DB Real Estate Services

Don’t settle

The of a real estate transaction can have more impact than price.

The problem is, it’s hard to get an offer with the right terms.

Typical transactions are one-size-fits-all. A cookie-cutter process results in generic offers with whatever terms "The Market" wants, not what you want.

You are left with two options: give in or give up.

With Flexible, “The Market” doesn’t get to tell you what to do.

Unlock your ideal outcome

We’ll build you a customized offer with exactly what you want.

Our Offer Types give you a head start.

Whatever your goals — we're flexible

  • Brandon and Val - $7,800 / month income

    "We doubled our income and have more free time to travel stress-free."

  • Beth - sold in 19 days

    "Selling to Flexible was so quick and painless. I feel like I got the red carpet treatment."

  • Cindy and David - $232k profit

    “Flexible added more value than we thought possible.“

How it works

Skip the fees, repairs, stress, and cookie-cutter offers. It’s time to see what’s actually possible.

  • 1
    Get ideas

    or request an offer online. We’ll share personalized options based on your goals.

  • 2
    Get a customized offer

    Our offers are commitment-free and ready in less than 24 hours. Refine it until you .

  • 3
    Close on your timeline

    Choose your close date and enjoy a smooth transaction.

Why property owners choose Flexible

  • Get exactly what you want
    • The days of giving in or giving up are over.
    • Get your perfect transaction with a customized offer, tailor-made to fit your goals and unique circumstances.
  • We do the work so you don’t have to
    • With real estate transactions come fifty million to-do’s. We’ve simplified all of it.
    • Get a same-day risk-free offer, and skip the sales pitches, meetings, showings, delays, cancellation risks, repairs, upgrades, and stress.
  • We’ll show you everything that goes into our offer price
    • We’ll help you understand how each term you want influences price, up front. No surprises.
    • Get a competitive risk-free offer, make informed adjustments, and be confident that the price is right, and real.
  • We don’t charge a penny, ever
    • Most owners pay a fortune in transaction fees. How does paying none sound?
    • Our earnings come from work we do after your transaction, not from charging you fees.
  • Helping owners get flexible since 2015
    • When owners want...well...whatever they want, they choose Flexible.
    • Get exactly what you want out of your property - and life.

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  • As a service provider, we buy, lease, and partner with owners to unlock their ideal outcomes—without the risks, costs, and headaches of traditional transactions. As an owner-operator, we strike a balance between risk and reward on the money we put out.
  • No, never. To get started, just fill out one of the “enter property address” boxes on this website and request an offer. It only takes about 20 seconds.
  • We can’t guarantee our offer will beat what you’d get with a traditional transaction. But we’re experts at getting owners what they want and offer benefits you won’t find elsewhere: convenience, certainty, and customization—with no headaches, fees, or risks.
  • Visit our FAQ page to see our updated property criteria.