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See what's possible and get exactly what you want with a customized purchase, partnership or lease offer from Flexible.

Achieve money goals • Make smart tax moves • Design your future • Solve problems + puzzles • Your timeline
“Flexible is hands-down the fastest, easiest way for owners to see what’s possible and get what they want.”
- Michael Lester, DB Real Estate Services

Don’t settle

You own a property and you have

Your equity means you have options.

The right transaction can give you everything you want.

The problem is, people don’t make offers based on what you want… we do.

Sell, partner, or lease
Skip the nonsense

Here’s how we make getting what you actually want fast and easy.
No cookie-cutter offers, headaches, fees, fixes, or fluff.

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    Get a customized offer in hours

    See what’s possible with a preliminary offer. No commitments required.

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    We’ll refine your offer

    Keep what you like, we’ll change what you don’t.

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    Close, stress-free

    You pick the timing. We handle the details.

Love your offer guarantee

Competitive cash offer with your terms and timing
Zero commitments until you're excited

Unlock your ideal outcome

Your options — and your future — shouldn't be limited to what "The Market" wants.

We'll build you a customized offer with exactly what you want.

Our Offer Types give you a head start—find yours in seconds.

You want it, we do it - we’re flexible

  • Brandon and Val - $7,800 / month income

    "We doubled our income and have more free time to travel stress-free."

  • Beth - sold in 19 days

    "Selling to Flexible was so quick and painless. I feel like I got the red carpet treatment."

  • Cindy and David - $232k profit

    “Flexible added more value than we thought possible.“

Why property owners choose Flexible

  • Get exactly what you want, on your timeline
    • The days of giving in or giving up are over.
    • Get your perfect transaction with a customized offer, tailor-made to fit your goals and unique circumstances.
  • We do the work so you don’t have to
    • With real estate transactions come fifty million to-do’s. We’ve simplified all of it.
    • Get a same-day risk-free offer, and skip the sales pitches, meetings, showings, delays, cancellation risks, repairs, upgrades, and stress.
  • We’ll show you everything that goes into our offer price
    • We’ll help you understand how each term you want influences price, up front. No surprises.
    • Get a competitive risk-free offer, make informed adjustments, and be confident that the price is right, and real.
  • We don’t charge a penny, ever
    • Most owners pay a fortune in transaction fees. How does paying none sound?
    • Our earnings come from work we do after your transaction, not from charging you fees.
  • Helping owners get flexible since 2015
    • When owners want...well...whatever they want, they choose Flexible.
    • Get exactly what you want out of your property - and life.

Ready to see what’s actually possible?

We're making more custom offers than ever — it’s your turn. Request a free custom offer. It’s fast, easy, and commitment-free.

Achieve money goals • Make smart tax moves • Design your future • Solve problems + puzzles • Your timeline


  • No, never. To get started, just fill out one of the “enter property address” boxes on this website and request an offer. It only takes about 20 seconds.
  • We can’t guarantee our offer will beat what you’d get with a traditional transaction. But we’re experts at getting owners what they want and offer benefits you won’t find elsewhere: convenience, certainty, and customization—with no headaches, fees, or risks.
  • Visit our FAQ page to see our updated property criteria.