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You also have options beyond a typical sale or lease.

The problem is, people don't share options or make offers based on what you want… we do.

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Here’s how we can buy from you, partner with you, lease long-term, and everything in between. No cookie-cutter offers, fees, fixes, or fluff.

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    Get ideas

    Get in touch to explore and compare options.

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    Get a custom offer

    No commitments required.

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    Close on your timeline

    We make transactions hassle-free.

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Introducing Flexible's

Love Your Offer Guarantee

Competitive cash offer with your terms and timing
Zero commitments until you're excited

How we’ll bend over backwards to build an offer you’ll love

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    Offer requested

    You’re on your way!

  • 2
    We plan

    Sell or lease to us or partner with us. We'll make a plan that achieves your goals and unlocks your property’s true investment potential so we can maximize our offer price.

  • 3
    We research

    To determine our offer price, we use the same market data as real estate agents, and we adjust upward based on your property's unique features.

  • 4
    Offer price generated

    Pricing is usually between 93% and 110% of market value, depending on the terms and features you want, including tax savings, future earnings, and more. Remember, we don’t charge commissions or fees.

  • 5
    Offer ready!

    We’ll give you our highest and best as-is, commitment-free offer upfront, and we'll refine it until you love it!

Find and get what you want

Our Offer Types give you a head start.

Why property owners choose Flexible

  • We’ll share our best ideas covering real estate, finance, and taxes
    • We can prepare customized options so you can compare the benefits and trade-offs.
    • Small adjustments give you big benefits.
  • Get exactly what you want, on your timeline
    • The days of giving in or giving up are over.
    • Get your perfect transaction with a customized offer, tailor-made to fit your goals and unique circumstances.
  • We do the work so you don’t have to
    • With real estate transactions come fifty million to-do’s. We’ve simplified all of it.
    • Get a same-day risk-free offer, and skip the sales pitches, meetings, showings, delays, cancellation risks, repairs, upgrades, and stress.
  • Get a competitive offer price and save a fortune in transaction costs
    • We work hard to uncover all aspects of your property’s potential so we can increase our offer price and we don’t charge fees.
    • We take properties “as-is”---skip sinking cash into repairs and improvements.
  • Helping owners get flexible since 2015
    • When owners want...well...whatever they want, they choose Flexible.
    • Get exactly what you want out of your property - and life.

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  • No, never. To get started, just fill out one of the “enter property address” boxes on this website and request an offer. It only takes about 20 seconds.
  • We can’t guarantee our offer will beat what you’d get with a traditional transaction. But we’re experts at getting owners what they want and offer benefits you won’t find elsewhere: convenience, certainty, and customization—with no headaches, fees, or risks.
  • Visit our FAQ page to see our updated property criteria.
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